Tag: Right to Know New Hampshire

Sunshine Week

(Hour 1b) Rich talked about the beginning of Sunshine Week where it draws attention to Open Government Law. Rich also shared about The Constitution and how back when it was written, the NH Constitution was used as reference....

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State Senate Candidate George Lambert

(Hour 1b, c) Rich was joined by state senate candidate George Lambert, who is a Republican running in district 18. They talked about George’s background, as well as Medicaid expansion and the issue of transgenderism with...

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State Senate Candidate Jim Beard

(Hours 3a,b) Rich was joined by State Senate candidate Jim Beard, who is running as a Republican in district 8. They talked about who he is, and what he believes on education issues, such as technical skills and local control of...

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David Saad and Right to Know Issues

(Hours 1a,b) Guest host Donna Green started the show by informing the listeners about who she is and what she has been involved in recently.  She then took a call from David Saad of Right to Know New Hampshire.  They talked...

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A Pay Raise in Non-Public Session

(Hours 2a,c) Rich talked to his listeners about the most recent controversy within SAU 55.  He discussed the pay raise for Superintendent Earl Metzler that was agreed upon in non-public session.  Finally, he read the law and...

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