In a previous article, we listed all the Republicans who voted with the Democrats to allow the US Constitution to be opened up to unknown changes including the repeal of the Citizens United decision, which would mean only unions and media consortia (Soros, etc) would have the ability to bundle money.

These Republicans also voted WITH DEMOCRATS, to KILL HCR1, a call to RESCIND all calls for an Article V Convention.

It is now even MORE important that you tell your NH SENATORS to KILL HCR2 and SB 136 when they go before the Senate.

Abrami, Patrick Republican Rockingham 19 Yea
Allen, Mary Republican Rockingham 15 Yea
Ammon, Keith Republican Hillsborough 40 Yea
Azarian, Gary Republican Rockingham 08 Yea

Balcom, John Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Barnes, Arthur Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Barry, Richard Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Belanger, James Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Belanger, Ronald Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Bickford, David Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Biggie, Barbara Republican Hillsborough 23 Yea
Boehm, Ralph Republican Hillsborough 20 Yea
Byron, Frank Republican Hillsborough 20 Yea

Cheney, Catherine Republican Strafford 17 Yea
Chirichiello, Brian Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Christensen, Chris Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Christie, Andrew Republican Rockingham 37 Yea
Christie, Rick Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Cook, Allen Republican Rockingham 11 Yea

Danielson, David Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Darrow, Stephen Republican Grafton 17 Yea
DeSimone, Debra Republican Rockingham 14 Yea
Devine, James Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Donovan, Daniel Republican Hillsborough 02 Yea
Doucette, Fred Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Dumais, Russell Republican Belknap 02 Yea

Eastman, Eric Republican Hillsborough 28 Yea
Elliott, Robert Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Emerick, J. Tracy Republican Rockingham 21 Yea
Emerson, Susan Republican Cheshire 11 Yea

Ferrante, Beverly Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Fesh, Robert Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Fields, Dennis Republican Belknap 04 Yea
Flanders, Donald Republican Belknap 03 Yea
Fothergill, John Republican Coos 01 Yea

Gagne, Larry Republican Hillsborough 13 Yea
Gallagher, Brian Republican Belknap 04 Yea
Gannon, William Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Gionet, Edmond Republican Grafton 05 Yea
Gonzalez, Carlos Republican Hillsborough 45 Yea
Gould, Linda Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Gray, James Republican Strafford 08 Yea
Griffin, Barbara Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 07 Yea
Groen, Warren Republican Strafford 10 Yea
Guthrie, Joseph Republican Rockingham 13 Yea

Haefner, Robert Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea
Hagan, Joseph Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Halstead, Carolyn Republican Hillsborough 23 Yea
Hannon, Joseph Republican Strafford 25 Yea
Hansen, Peter Republican Hillsborough 22 Yea
Hennessey, Erin Republican Grafton 01 Yea
Hess, David Republican Merrimack 24 Yea
Hinch, Richard Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Hoell, J.R. Republican Merrimack 23 Yea
Hoelzel, Kathleen Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Hopper, Gary Republican Hillsborough 02 Yea
Horn, Werner Republican Merrimack 02 Yea
Hunt, John Republican Cheshire 11 Yea
Hurt, George Republican Belknap 02 Yea

Introne, Robert Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
Itse, Daniel Republican Rockingham 10 Yea

Jones, Laura Republican Strafford 24 Yea

Kidder, David Republican Merrimack 05 Yea
Kolodziej, Walter Republican Rockingham 07 Yea
Kotowski, Frank Republican Merrimack 24 Yea
Kuch, Bill Republican Merrimack 23 Yea
Kurk, Neal Republican Hillsborough 02 Yea

Ladd, Rick Republican Grafton 04 Yea
Laware, Thomas Republican Sullivan 08 Yea
LeBrun, Donald Republican Hillsborough 32 Yea
Leeman, Don Republican Strafford 23 Yea
Long, Douglas Republican Merrimack 04 Yea
Luneau, David Independent Merrimack 10 Yea
Luther, Robert Republican Belknap 03 Yea

Major, Norman Republican Rockingham 14 Yea
Martel, Andre Republican Hillsborough 44 Yea
Matthews, Carolyn Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
McCarthy, Peggy Republican Hillsborough 29 Yea
McClarren, Donald Republican Hillsborough 29 Yea
McConkey, Mark Republican Carroll 03 Yea
McGuire, Carol Republican Merrimack 29 Yea
McKinney, Betsy Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
McLean, Mark Republican Hillsborough 15 Yea
McMahon, Charles Republican Rockingham 07 Yea
Milz, David Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Moore, Josh Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Mullen, John Republican Strafford 01 Yea

Nelson, Bill Republican Carroll 05 Yea
Nigrello, Robert Republican Rockingham 16 Yea

O’Connor, John Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Ober, Lynne Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea
Ober, Russell Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea

Packard, Sherman Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
Palmer, Barry Republican Hillsborough 32 Yea
Parison, James Republican Hillsborough 25 Yea
Parker, Harold Republican Carroll 06 Yea
Pellegrino, Anthony Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Peterson, Ken Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Pierce, David Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Potucek, John Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Proulx, Mark Republican Hillsborough 44 Yea
Prudhomme-O’Brien, Katherine Republican Rockingham 06 Yea

Rappaport, Laurence Republican Coos 01 Yea
Richardson, Herbert Republican Coos 04 Yea
Rollins, Skip Republican Sullivan 06 Yea
Rouillard, Claire Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Rowe, Robert Republican Hillsborough 22 Yea

Sanders, Elisabeth Republican Rockingham 12 Yea
Schmidt, Stephen Republican Carroll 06 Yea
Seaworth, Brian Republican Merrimack 20 Yea
Shackett, Jeffrey Republican Grafton 09 Yea
Smith, Gregory Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea
Smith, Steven Republican Sullivan 11 Yea
Spanos, Peter Republican Belknap 03 Yea
Sterling, Franklin Republican Cheshire 14 Yea
Sytek, John Republican Rockingham 08 Yea

Takesian, Charlene Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea
Tholl, John Republican Coos 05 Yea
Tilton, Franklin Republican Belknap 03 Yea
Turcotte, Leonard Republican Strafford 04 Yea

Varney, Peter Republican Belknap 05 Yea
Vose, Michael Republican Rockingham 09 Yea

Ward, Joanne Republican Rockingham 19 Yea
Webb, James Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Welch, David Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Weyler, Kenneth Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Woitkun, Steven Republican Rockingham 33 Yea
Wolf, Terry Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Wood, David Republican Rockingham 21 Yea

Zaricki, Nick Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea