Dover, NH has an interesting voter checklist.

Naile:  Returned mail means voter fraud.

Naile: Returned mail means voter fraud.

It seems that Republican candidates can get a hundred of their political mail returned when mailing first class to just two wards.

But Democrats get just a handful of returned mail, if any, from voters they knew claim to have known personally who moved or passed away.

How can that be?

Here is what State Rep. Southworth of Dover said at the Ballot Law Commission hearing, under oath:

State Rep. Tom Southworth, D-Dover, questioned the significance of the returned letters, noting that dozens of campaign mailers he’s sent out have come back undeliverable.

“I believe the odds in my ward of a nonresident voting are almost zero,” he said.

In 2004 then State Rep. David Scott mailed some 300 letters to same day voters and got back about 150.

2006 saw then Rep Woods get over 100 mailers back from the post office in two wards. I have those and others she sent CNHT.

Recently, David Scott mailed 900 of the over 1000 same day Dover voters  from just four months ago, and 70 came back as undeliverable during the first mailing.

The Dover city Clerk said she and her team are diligent about removing names.

So how does this work out?

Maybe the Post Office is having sport with the Republicans?

Could it be the Dover City Clerk is helping Democrats by providing Democrats with clean voter lists?

Or is someone not quite telling the truth?

The petitioners have their returned mail. We brought it to the hearing.

Hands In the Air Don’t Purge. (Dover’s new motto.)

Submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on Girard at Large.