Johnson:  Preyed on pre-teen girl

Johnson-Yarosevich: Preyed on pre-teen girl

The Manchester Police Department announced the arrest of thirty four year old Parker Varney Elementary School gym teacher Paul Johnson-Yarosevich, a resident of Acton, Maine.  He’s been under investigation since December sixth, after a pre-teen girl’s father contacted police.  The girl attends an undisclosed elementary school within the city and told police she was in contact with an unknown person she thought was another young girl her age.  The girl’s father alerted police after discovering the pre-teen had texted inappropriate pictures of herself to the perpetrator.

Parker Varney School:  Also where the student went to school?

Parker Varney School: Also where the student went to school?

Manchester P D  got the Department of Homeland Security, Maine State Police and the State of Maine Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, as well as the Manchester School District, involved in the investigation, which revealed the victim had been communicating with Johnson-Yarosevich who misrepresented his age and age and gender to the unsuspecting girl.

After identifying the culprit and learning he’d been employed by the Manchester School District, detectives executed a search warrant at his Acton, Maine residence on Good Friday, April 3rd and notified the Manchester School District about the investigation, which prompted a meeting yesterday between police detectives, school administrators and Johnson-Yarosevich, who was taken him into custody without incident and charged with the Prohibited Use of Computer Services, a felony for “knowingly using the Internet to attempt to seduce, solicit, lure or entice a person.”

MPD:  Investigation to continue

MPD: Investigation to continue

Police say no further details will be released until the completion of the investigation.  As it is too early to confirm if this is an isolated incident, the investigation will remain open.  Johnson-Yarosevich was able to make bail last night and will appear in Manchester District Court on May twenty first.

Statement condemns alleged behavior

Statement condemns alleged behavior

The Manchester School District issued a statement saying quote “The safety of our children is a top priority of Manchester School District.  Paul Johnson was placed on leave prior to Monday’s arrest.  We are fully cooperating with the police investigation into his alleged criminal conduct.  Johnson has been a Manchester School District employee since 2005.  The Manchester School District condemns the behavior alleged in this case and has taken swift and immediate action to ensure the safety and security of our students.”  End quote.

We’ve linked to the statements we published  from both the police department and the school district in their entirety yesterday from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

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Goffstown High:  Will administer test

Goffstown High: Will administer test

Officials at Goffstown High School have emailed parents that they will be administering the State of New Hampshire’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey in school this Thursday.  In the notice, parents are told the survey is sponsored by the state departments of Education and Heath and Human Services and that if they want to see it in advance, the can go to the school and take a look.  They write the purpose of this survey is to help the state gather data about choices students in New Hampshire are making on a variety of health/wellness topics and that the survey consists of ninety nine multiple choice questions, which will be completed in a paper-pencil format, addressing quote  “Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries (seatbelts, helmets) Behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  Alcohol and drug use.  Tobacco use. Unhealthy dietary behaviors. Inadequate physical activity/exercise.”

What they left out was important

What they left out was important

They claim it’s completely anonymous and students are instructed that it is fine to skip over questions that they would prefer to leave blank and say the information collected is used to assess levels of need when schools and local community organizations are requesting grant funds for safety and health initiatives.  What they don’t say is that it is a voluntary survey that parents can decline to have their kids participate in.  We’re hoping Superintendent Brian Balke responds to our inquiry as to why they didn’t mention that and why the test, which is a public document, may only be seen in the school.  For those of you in Goffstown who want to see the test at your convenience, we’ve linked to it from this newscast at Girard at Large as we published it after Mayor Ted Gatsas challenged its use at the Manchester Board of School Committee.

Lynch:  Makes it official

Lynch: Makes it official

Award-winning entrepreneur and conservative film producer, Dennis Michael Lynch, has declared he will be a Republican candidate for President in two thousand sixteen.  Quote:  “My exploratory phase is complete.  I come away realizing the GOP needs what the American people yearn for.  People want a fresh, young face who can offer real solutions.  People are hungry for a leader with the sort of real world experience I offer.  They want a president who will fight for them; a person with no ties to DC,” said Lynch who will make a formal announcement regarding his candidacy when he speaks at the Republican Leadership Summit being held in New Hampshire on April 17.  We’ve linked to a recent interview we did with Lynch right here on Girard at Large, in case you missed it.

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