Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner

Morna McDermott, Professor of Education at Towson University and author, shared her views on the importance of the Opt-Out movement in which she has played a key role on a national level.  Professor McDermott made clear the harm being done to our students and the institution of public education by the abusive, coercive tactics being practiced by the federal Department of Education through the implementation of the Common Core standards and high-stakes testing.  McDermott stressed the importance of parents expressing their dissatisfaction with testing by opting-their children out of the tests.  The professor expressed interest in returning to the show in the near future because there is so much more to discuss.

Senator Rand Paul told us in no uncertain terms his thoughts about the place the federal Department of Education should occupy in the lives of citizens and their communities.  He minced no words in expressing his disapproval of the way federal education bureaucrats have distorted public education and believes they should step back and remove themselves from exerting any influence at all in local education affairs except for providing equal opportunity for all students.

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