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Harriet Cady

Harriet Cady

Harriet Cady, a long time contributor to this program, describes how our government actually may spend taxpayers own money in order to promote their own agenda, denying citizens an opportunity to speak before the legislative body.

She goes on to explain how what amount to paid lobbyists, thinly discussed as “experts”, use most of the available time allotted, and sometimes leave little, or no time for concerned citizens.  Do you know how much time government employees on the clock spend on this activity, and what it costs us?

Harriet explains how the NH Municipal Association, formed in 1961, was able to amass the longest war chest in the entire country, and then use it to pay the salaries of lobbyists.  Isn’t the goverment and magistrate supposed to be accountable to the people?

Harriet Cady  “Should we be paying for legislature to be introduced?”


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