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Rich and Jim Gaudet

Rich and Jim Gaudet

Okay, we had to do it.  Deflategate.  You know the drill.  Was the punishment fair?  Does it fit the offense, or could it be an elaborate effort to “get even” for the perceived white house snub.  Jim Gaudet and Rich get it out of their systems, in the hope that the rest of us can as well!

Jim joins us for Public Safety This Week to tell us that this is National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Week.  Jim remembers Officer Stephen Arkell, and informs us that this has been one of the deadliest years for law enforcement, with forty two deaths.

He touches on Manchester, in particular, which has had a tough week, with both stabbings and shootings.  Jim asks, “When did the police go from being public servants to being public enemies?  He also discusses the death penalty with Rich, and the appeal process regarding capital cases.

(Part 1:  Deflategate)

(Part 2:  One of the deadliest years for law enforcement)