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Mayor Ted Gatsas

Mayor Ted Gatsas

We begin a three segment archive with Mayor Ted Gatsas, discussing the drug epidemic in Manchester.  The Mayor offers his take on the drug court, and explains how it works, and that the heroin problem is not just a Manchester problem.

Drug court, an eighteen month process, includes three times a week testing, and the participants are required to pay all associated costs.

The Mayor goes on to tell us, that with a 64% graduation rate, this may be a better way to help break the cycle of this destructive behavior.

Mayor Gatsas, cont.  The mayor identifies over-prescription of narcotics by doctors as one of the major causes of the heroin problem, and questions whether doctors should be in the loop when it comes to crafting a better solution to this issue.

“The first time you say yes, can be the last time you say no.”  Listen in and hear why perhaps we should concentrate on the demand side of drug addiction.

Rich and the Mayor discuss whether or not the city actually has jurisdiction over Uber’s ability to operate within Manchester.

Are they subject to city ordinances?  Rich express the opinion that Uber is really just an app, and therefore there is nothing to regulate.  Uber is not a common carrier, like a taxi cab.  Rich and the Mayor agree to dis-agree.

We then hear the Mayor’s take on our new police chief, Nick Willard.

Rich then gets the Mayor’s opinion on how the Board of Alderman will react to the recent budget meeting, and what he thinks they may do about the down-grading of the city bond rating.