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Uber Ride-Along

(Hour 2b) Guest hosts Andrew Provencher and Alderman Nick Pappas are talking about driving for Uber.  Alderman Pappas spoke about his experience as a driver, telling the listeners about his worst group of riders,...

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Central Prom Controversy

(Hour 2a) Rich spoke about a controversy that arose at Central High School when Sultan Akhter was not given permission to bring his twenty-one year old girlfriend to the Prom.  He informed the listeners that Central has no...

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The Chamber Goes to Concord

(Hour 2c) We were joined this morning by Will Stewart of the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce for Chamber Chat.  Will told us about the Chamber’s transition from Presidential politics to Concord-based...

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Over-Regulations for Uber and TNC

(Hour 1b) Rich, along with compatriot Ed Naile, talked about a new ordinance to regulate Uber and the Transportation Network Company (TNC).  He made comparisons between Uber and cab services.  He wondered how the city finds the...

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