Submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of the Girard at Large A Question of Voter Fraud segment.  ~Publis.

Naile:  Observations right on point.

Naile: Observations right on point.

As long as I have been around politics in NH I have learned one single, unwavering thing about the Republican Party. They never have enough money. Money is THE issue in every race every time no matter whether it is true or not. That is the same song they sing over and over again.

Here is how it goes:

Professional Republican Campaign Expert – “Do we have a candidate for District Whatever?”

Everyone else stuck in the room – “Yes.”

PRCE – “Does he have his own money, can he raise money, and does he have any rich friends who can raise money from their rich friends?”

That is how a Republican campaign starts, from what I can see. The issue of what he stands for comes in much later, if at all. Unless he or she is pro-life and then it starts all over after that potential candidate is rejected because he or she “can’t win.”

I have just saved you from a candidate recruitment meeting in case you ever wanted to go or were invited to one.

Here is something else I have figured out about Republican politics and campaign style. Rats on a sinking ship have more loyalty. Hyenas feeding on a carcass have more manners. Turkey chicks in a rain storm have more brains.

Let’s take the current dilemma the Republican Party in New Hampshire faces. I am going to reveal the dilemma they have in no uncertain terms.

Here it is:

The New Hampshire Republican Party could not buy, with all the money in the State of New Hampshire focused on this one single goal, as much bad press as has been purchased by the actions of Republican Party Chair, Jennifer Horn, and her assistants, Kelly Ayotte and Shawn Jasper.

Not since the complete debacle of serial self-promoter Chairman Fergus Cullen has this so-called political party seen as much self immolation.

Whatever Congressman Frank Guinta has done, might have done, or ever will do, can not undo the damage these people have willfully compounded.

The Republican Party Chairman has in the palm of her hand campaign criminal, Carl Robert Gibson, arrested for doing what the Democrat Party does in every election – bring in out of state help to run the dirtiest campaign they can get away with. He is a gift. The timing is perfect. Jennifer drops the ball.

Rather than talk about how Carl Robert Gibson came to NH in 2012 with multi-million dollar CREDO Pac from San Francisco to “go after” Republican candidates, just as campaign crooks like Geoff Wetrosky and Jessie Burchfield have done in the past.

She could to point out the Democrat voter fraud nest at 1200 Elm St. in Manchester that was so packed with Democrat campaign vote thieves the city purged its rolls in 2014.

How is the NH Attorney General’’s investigation into 22,000 people who voted without any form of ID in 2012 going? What did they find in 2014? Did they even bother with 2014?

And the new group canvassing small towns in NH on behalf of the environment, who are they and who is funding them to track NH voters?

Vote thief Janice Rottenberg who was working for Obama in 2012 and voting from the home of a NH progressive Democrat State Rep in Nashua was on social media just last week all excited about Hillary Clinton’s new voter fraud initiative asking for people nation wide to house her volunteers. Why not talk about that type of campaign donation?

Nope, Jennifer Horn seems to want to get up in front of a microphone as much as possible and buy every single drop free bad press as the NH media can publish on behalf of her opponents.

What is the real problem with the NH Republican Party? In this case it isn’t a lack of money no matter how you look at it.