OPEN LETTER to Senator Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire – STOP Funding Planned Parenthood:

Senator Ayotte – your support for S. 1881 is noticeably absent. I understand your staff is putting out the message that you like to read all bills before making a decision. That is a credible position to take. However, you can save yourself some trouble by reading the Constitution – which I assume you read in Law School. Therein, you will see your only choice is to support S. 1881, for WE THE PEOPLE gave Congress NO authority to fund any charities or social services organizations (Please refer to Article 1.8).
Senator, the Constitution is your job description; it says what Congress can do. It is a sacred compact, a covenant, between the General Government and the people of the States. It is the highest law in the land; it is the standard for judging all proposed legislation as lawful or unlawful. Government funding of any organization not authorized by the Constitution must, therefore, be unlawful and illegal. The Constitution, if you choose to follow it, simplifies your job, as a lawmaker.
Planned Parenthood is a barbaric, evil organization. Their policies trample the right to life of helpless, voiceless, unborn human beings, babies. Please do not remind me of Supreme Court Opinion regarding abortion; I will find that insulting and offensive. For, the Court, as a result of the 2-party system, has been rendered politically corrupt. And worse, dangerously so for the Republic, it is losing the respect of the people; its only true source of power.
I am praying that you will do the right thing and sign on to S. 1881.
Dianne Gilbert-Spidle