In the simple mined world of progressives up is down, down is up, and any word can mean anything you want as long as it suits your political agenda.

Case in point: Vanity Fair magazine comes to the aid of a like minded liberal with this exclusive article explaining how that Caucasian Sensation who was running an NAACP Chapter someplace, is black in her mind, not her booty. (Except the funky hair styles.)

Now this would be a racist point of view in the real world of bare knuckle race baiting politics except it is a lefty interpretation of reality. The gal is not a sista. She is white – the opposite of black.

As I have always pointed out, if you want to understand your liberal opponents just realize they most likely mean the opposite of what they say – every time they say or write anything, and you are pretty much barreling down the right track.

In this instance the Caucasian Sensation is selling the line that you can have “black identity” and be black but the NAACP is having none of it. She was fired from all of her black identity jobs and perks.

How is that?

Blacks who run the NAACP, the schools at which she “taught,” and all the others who enabled her when they thought she was for real are not happy with her lame attempts to portray herself as black.

It seems a non-real black person diminishes African American’s “blackness”.

By that blackness standard, doesn’t the same thing happen with traditional marriage and homosexual couples who say they are getting married in a traditional wedding ceremony? The argument is that it diminishes traditional marriage.

I thought I heard that somewhere?

Oh well.

Up is down, you know.

Published as submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on Girard at Large and former candidate for Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee.  ~Publis