Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner

During the first two segments of Inside Education Sid discussed the Arne Duncan turnaround with regard to teachers; The Great Common Core Textbook swindle; and the possibility of performing an evaluation on Arne Duncan by administering a test to the 4300 people who work at the Department of Education — good tongue in cheek thinking!

A discussion on the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was introduced and will be continued in future shows as the bills in both houses will enter the conference stage.

Rich Girard:  The candidate

Rich Girard: The candidate

Rich Girard was Sid’s guest and the discussion was wrapped in the campaign Rich will run for a seat on the Manchester School Board. Rich described the three areas of his concern which he will address if elected to the board; transparency, communication and parents as partners in the education of their children.

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Part 2


Part 3:  Sid interviews Manchester School Board at-Large candidate Rich Girard.