sidHigh stakes testing has inspired school districts to “bribe” students into taking the tests, rather than opting out.  They also provide “incentives” for students who perform well on tests.  Extra play time, pizza parties, no homework for a day and in some cases cash will be given for high grades on tests.  Sanity and good sense about educating our children has been terribly degraded.


Education publishers, especially Pearson has exerted an enormously negative influence on public education today.  Their motive is simply making a profit at the expense of students experiencing a quality education.  Since much of their manipulations are done behind the scenes the public is unaware of its machinations.

Sid discussed with Tom Raffio, the Chair of the New Hampshire State Board of Education his testimony on the bill SB101.  It was agreed that there was a need for another discussion as there were point of disagreement that required further clarification.