Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner

In the first segment of today’s show Sid shared his reactions to Monday night’s special Manchester School Board meeting with state education Commissioner Barry and chair of the State Board of Education, Tom Raffio.  The meeting ended with a distinct sense of nonfulfillment as many opportunities to explore a variety of issues surrounding high-stakes testing as well as investigate the meaningless, hollow,  jargon of the Common Core proponents such as “21stCentury skills” were not at all questioned by school board members.   A perfect occasion squandered!

Joining Sid for the balance of today’s show was one of the nation’s most respected psychometricians, Dr. William Mathis.  Bill and Sid embarked on a discussion to deliver a beginners guide to the field of testing and assessment.  Basic elements such as formative and summative tests, norm-referenced and criterion- referenced and cut-off scores were discussed.  The testing and assessment seminar will continue sometime in the near future as there is a definite need for the general public to understand more about this topic.

(Part 1)  Sid on the meeting of the Manchester School Board.

(Part 2)  Sid and Dr. William Mathis.

(Part 3)  Sid and Dr. William Mathins continued.