Author: Brad Fernald

Education Through The Prism Of Profit

The manner in which in which parts of high-stakes tests were evaluated were exposed through the statements and experiences of those who had participated in doing them over a number of years.  Their statements were read.  Such...

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A Preview For In It Together

(Hour 3a) Lori and Chris gave us a run down on what to expect from the upcoming show “In It Together” and what we should all be expecting.  Also the talk of conflict and resolution between people came.  It is always...

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You Didn’t Know You Could Opt Out?

(Hour 1a) Last night was a late night for Rich.  From the non-public session participation to going home and being restless, this leaves Rich weary.  But no time for rest, the show must go on.  HB 206 is discussed and how it...

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