(Hours 2a,3a)

Girard: Into the lion's den.

Girard: Into the lion’s den.

Rich recounted his appearance before the MEA Educator’s PAC interview board.  He discussed a message that he was sent by Tom Lynch of the MEA Political Action Committee.  And, her shared the details of what he said and what he hoped to accomplish.  Was anything accomplished by his attempt to speak some “truth to power?”   Tune in to hear how things turned out and why.

Here are the scans of the exact documents I gave to the interview panel, including my speaker notes.

Speaker Notes

1978-1980 MEA contract

1978-1980 salary step scale

Inflation data top of 1980 BA scale factored for inflation (Before passage of new contract, it was $63,211.  Now it will be $66,305.  Both are well ahead of inflation.  Note, the entry level salary of 10,400 in 1980, factored for inflation would have to be $30,119.36 today.  However, it went from $34,751 in the expired contract to $37,250, neither of which includes the $1,800 “signing bonus” for entry level teachers who make it through their first year.  The calculator used is here.)

Analysis of contract numbers

Original Code of Conduct, adopted in 1979

Sid Glassner’s bio

Sid Glassner’s outline of an alternative teacher training, promotion and compensation model

There, now you have everything I gave the union in making my presentation.  Don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts and thank you!

(Hour 3a) Rich continued on topic by giving out more of the details of his interview.  He shared about his theme, contract negotiations and hard hitting questions that he presented.