(Hours 2a&b&c) Christopher DuffleyRich talked to us about the primaries, inquired of the numbers and took a call from our number one fan Christopher Duffly.  He also talked about the school board meeting from last night.  He shared his thoughts on the contract negotiations between the Manchester School Board and the Hooksett School Board.  Also, Lisa Freeman called in.

(Hour 2b) Patrice BernardRich kicked off the segment with voting turnouts from different Wards and took a call from Mom-at-Large Patrice Benard, who updated us on voting numbers.  Rich continued with the talk about the school board meetings and shared an update about the teachers.

(Hour 2c) John LyscarsTo add to the discussion about the Manchester School Board, Rich talked about the difficulty teachers have in balancing recess with testing, despite studies showing that physical activity boosts students’ ability to focus.  Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars called in to add his thoughts on the negotiation meetings.