My THOUGHTS after the CNN┬ádebate….

I’ve been listening to this question on, which woman should be placed on the $10 bill, and I wonder, why this is so important? There are so many more important issues to women that CNN and the other pundits are missing.

*We want to know our kids are getting a quality education when we send our kids to school.
*We want to know that the economy is good so when our kids graduate and look for a job, one will be available.
*We want to know that we’re not going to lose our doctor because of Obamacare.

CNN seemed concerned about a demeaning comment directed at Carly Florina by Donald Trump. It was a fair question and her answer probably spoke for most women. However there was no question on the quality of education our kids are receiving under the federal reforms that have many moms angry and frustrated. Our voices are being silenced by this federal intrusion into our schools.

Once again we have the national media trying to appear as if they have the women’s issue cornered, however I know many women, including teachers from across the country, who are disappointed that CNN really has no idea what concerns us the most. ……Ann Marie Banfield

Ann Marie Banfield currently volunteers as the Education Liaison for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire. She has been researching education reform for over a decade and actively supports parental rights, literacy and academic excellence in k-12 schools.