(Hours 1b,c,3a) Central High SchoolRich talked to us about yesterday’s bomb threat that took place in Central High School.  He told us about his correspondence with Superintendent Debra Livingston and the investigative work that it took to get more information about the situation.  He talked about an incident that occurred at West High School and reminded his listeners about how it was handled.

(Hour 1c) Rich talked to us more about how communication works in this segment.  He talked about the traffic that some of our Facebook posts have received and shared about the importance of communication, especially during tragedies.  He discussed Central’s poor choice in social media posts in light of what was happening.  He then told us about what former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said in regards to the current state of media.

(Hour 3a) “How the district communicates is important,” Rich said as he continued his conversation about the threats that have been taking place within the Manchester School District.  He addressed those who are throwing rocks at him based on how he is handling the situation and we heard the opinion of Inside Education’s Sid Glassner on the what is going on.