(Hours 2a,b) David PearlWe talked about the Hooksett Budget Committee this morning.  Rich talked about the election (which included a number of write-in winners) and the default budget.  He talked about the discrepancy behind the number of students that the Hooksett Budget Committee says is going to school in Manchester and the number Manchester gives for students from Hooksett.  We heard input from Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars.  Rich talked about Hooksett’s financial situation and wondered about how much of the money is being used as appropriated.  He also wondered about the budget surplus through different years and pointed out a mistake that he thought the Budget Committee made.


(Hour 2b) We started the segment by taking a call from Hooksett Budget Committee member (and former Hooksett School Board member) David Pearl.  He helped to clear up some issues, confronted John Lyscar’s criticisms toward him and talked about a bizarre occurrence that took place last night.