(Hours 3a,b,c) Sid GlassnerWe were joined by Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education and Host of Inside Education, for Is Our Children Learning.  He and Rich talked about Professional Development Day.  They spoke about encouragement for children and teaching them to be creative.  Sid then spoke to Rich about the SATs and ACTs.

(Hour 3b) Sid talked to us about federal funding within education.  He spoke about civics education and gave his opinion regarding the quality of it in the schools.

(Hour 3c) Rich and Sid continued where they left off in their discussion about civics education within the schools.  Sid shared about the NEAP test results.  They talked about school curriculum and discussed relevancy.  Sid also spoke about someone who was sentenced with twenty three years in jail for late paperwork.  Tune in to hear all of this and more.