(Hours 1a,b,2c,3a) Rich announced that there will be breaking news in the next hour of the show.  He then shared that it’s his nineteen year wedding anniversary, before commenting on last night’s Manchester School Board meeting.  Finally, he discussed the tax cap budget.


(Hour 1b) We started this segment by taking a call from Michael in Manchester.  He talked about the tax cap and fiscal responsibility.  “People who blame the tax cap are blaming the wrong thing,” we heard Rich say.  He spoke about the lice policy and what was said about it last night.

(Hour 2c) Rich continued with the head lice issue.  “Part of the reason that we have these discussions is because people who are smarter than the rest of us seem to ignore what’s in front of them and call it ‘best practice’,” he shared.  We took a call from Sarah in Manchester, who shared her opinion on the matter.  Finally, we took a call from Bob in Manchester on the subject.

(Hour 3a) We began the third hour with feedback on the subject of lice from a listener.  We heard about polling in Merrimack.  Rich spoke about parental involvement in the schools and pointed out the lack of it in the issue of lice in the schools.  “Parents have a right to know,” he told us.  Finally, we took a call from Jim O’Connell of Citizens for Manchester Schools.