(Hours 1b,2a,b,3a) Jim GaudetRich spoke to us about last night’s Manchester Board of School Committee, explaining why he voted against having public comment.  He shared about why he’s there in the first place and discussed the budget issue.  He shared ideas on how to come up with the money.

(Hour 2a) Rich wondered if Manchester should do everything that it can to avoid laying off teachers.  He took a call from Neil in Manchester, and they discussed government benefits.  “Should the school board get rid of it’s benefits to save teachers?” he wondered.

(Hour 2b) We took a call from Michael in Manchester, who wanted to share his thoughts on last night’s meeting.  “The people have a tax cap for a reason,” Rich reminded us.  Lisa Freeman from Ward 5 called to comment on deceit in government.

(Hour 3a) Rich spoke about a joint effort to show the fiscal impact of the teacher’s contract.  We heard about a net budget problem in year two and more.