(Hours 1a,b,c,2a) Dallas ShootingRich and Fred the Intern talked about the tragedy that occurred yesterday during the Black Lives Matters protest.  They discussed statements made by President Obama about the shooting and spoke about previous shootings that were similar in nature.

(Hour 1b) Rich continued releasing details about the Dallas shooting.  He took a call from Public Safety This Week anchor Jim Gaudet, and they talked about a racist narrative.  Finally, they speculated about a collusion between the snipers and the Black Lives Matters movement.


(Hour 1c) Rich talked about the hostility that the President has been launching against police officers, before he played the statement that he made in Poland early this morning.  He then read the President’s statements regarding Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

(Hour 2a) Rich talked about statements made by Representative Bernice Johnson concerning gun control.  He made comparisons between gun control and outfitting vehicles with breathalyzers, and Fred the Intern spoke about violence perpetuating hate.  Finally, he took phone calls from Neil in Manchester, Jim Gaudet and Representative Al Baldasaro.