(Hours 1a,2a,b,3a) Hillary ClintonGuest host Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers and Anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud, talked to the listeners about the political narrative this morning.  He spoke about Hillary Clinton and the release of her tax return.

(Hour 2a) Ed started the segment by talking about a Ted Gatsas article and the legislature in New Hampshire.  He then spoke about the lifestyle of American Indians from days gone by.  Finally, he returned to his commentary on Clinton scandals.

(Hour 2b) Ed continued his discussion about the earnings from the Clinton family.  He informed the listeners about Johnny Chung and brought some of Hillary’s scandals to light.

(Hour 3a) Ed wrapped up his commentary on the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton.  He spoke about the Clinton’s financials and some people who were involved in them.  Finally, he talked about illegal donations, charity and more.