(Hours 1a,b,c,2a) MEA President Ben DickRich spoke to Ben Dick, teacher and former President of the Manchester Education Association, about the leveling controversy.  Ben shared about leveling from his perspective of a teacher and they explained why they believe it is a superior learning system.


(Hour 1b) Rich and Ben spoke about the importance in goal setting, before tackling criticisms towards STEM.  They then talked about the implementation of leveling and Michael in Manchester called to discuss a school program that his children utilized.

(Hour 1c) Ben and Rich continued discussing the self-leveling program that Michael brought up.  Rich then asked Ben about whether or not he believes that ability grouping would be a support to both students and teachers.  They also talked about when leveling should start and discussed the elimination of prerequisites.

(Hour 2a) Rich closed out his interview with Ben by talking about the manner in which change should be made.  Ben spoke about how to build successful citizens and commented on having a goals for the future.  Tune in to get all of the details.