Tag: Classroom Leveling

GAL Presents Reporting Opportunity

(Hour 1a) Rich started the morning by talking a little bit about the most recent GOP debate.  He then explained a technical difficulty and shared a little bit about his personal life.  He also presented an opportunity for a...

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Art: An enemy to his own cause

(Hour 1b) Rich started the segment by speaking up about the appalling behavior of Mr. Art Beaudry.  Art crossed a line last night.  At last night’s Manchester Board of School Committee, Art committed a despicable act...

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“At least he’ll fight…”

(Hour 2a) Right as the segment started Rich reached back to the last segment’s discussion.  He made some room to clarify some things from this (add link) segment. “Programs shelter the behavior of those who need to...

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Manchester system doesn’t work

(Hour 3a)  Rich elaborates on Manchester school issues, particularly class room size, and offers his view of the most practical solutions. Is the district actually driving the classroom problems?  Rich includes in this archive a...

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Does Leveling Work?

(Hour 1b) Leveling may increase classroom size.   Is the ease of teaching, which is brought in with leveling, worth the reduced personal attention that the students receive?  Do parents have any say in which school students...

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