(Hour 3a,b&c) In the first segment of Is Our Children Learning Rich asked his guest Ann Marie Banfield what her opinion is, regarding what is happening in Timberlane right now.  Ann Marie suggested that parents run for the school board to flush out those who are seemingly power hungry.

(Hour 3b) In the second segment, Rich and Ann Marie moved on to discuss happenings in Congress.  They referenced two bills in particular: S. 1177 and H.R. 5.  Ann Marie advised our listeners to read the grant applications before they agree to anything.  Ann Marie shared with us a critique that she recommended (Click here to read the House version and here to read about the Senate).

(Hour 3c) For the final segment they continued with their conversation about S. 1177.  Why is there so little outrage at the lack and lessening of local control?  Tune in to hear their thoughts on the issues.