(Hour 1a&b)

Joyce Craig

After the dust had cleared on more than seven hours of meetings, the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen had taken action on several high stake issues.  They also left a the Humble Host near sleepless after adjourning at about 1:30  AM this morning.

So, yeah, we were a little skittish, but that didn’t keep us from giving a quick update on the budget battle in Derry, (thanks to our on the scene LIVE blog) nor did it blind us to the apparent conversion of Ward 6 Alderman Garth Corriveau to a raging free market conservative.  (Oh My HEAD!)

No, we didn’t miss how Ward 1 Alderman and mayoral candidate Joyce Craig tried juuust a little toooo  hard to skewer Mayor Ted Gatsas over his proposed school budget.  It didn’t work (overreach rarely does).  We had something to say about that until a caller frustrated with schools and school spending chimed in to make some very interesting points.

While we think Rich might have been better off pulling an all nighter, we know he pulled of these two great, and rather funny, opening segments of our Riveting Radio Show!!

(Part 1: Marathon meetings, who needs sleep, Derry, and Uber)

(Part 2:  Tax cap and budget politics in an election year)