Yesterday, January 11, 2017 there were several hearings at the House Education Committee in Concord.  One of the Bills up for consideration is HB103 sponsored by Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan.  It’s a good pro-parental rights piece of legislation.  It simply says that the schools will notify parents when sex ed. is going to be taught to their children.

That’s basically it.

Nothing about how it’s to be taught. Nothing about what is to be taught. Just let parents know.


  1.  The New Hampshire School Boards Association.  NHSBA REMEMBER, you pay taxes to the school, they in turn pay dues to the NHSBA.  So you are paying the salary of these lobbyists to lobby against YOU.
  2. The New Hampshire School Administrators Association.  SAME THING.  You pay taxes to the school, they pay dues to this lobbying organization too.  You are again, paying for lobbyists to speak out against your parental rights.
  3. The ACLU.  They said this will lead to censorship. In other words, keep parents in the dark.
  4. Planned Parenthood.  They’ve always been against Parental Rights and we are forced to fund them.

PLEASE take time to send a quick e-mail to the House Education Committee and ask them to PASS HB103. This supports parental rights AND Local control. What’s more local control than informing parents?

Contact  your local school board members and tell them to STOP paying dues to the NH School Boards Assoc. and the NH School Administrators Assoc.