Yesterday I went to the Concord District Court on Clinton St. to see what our vote thief pal Carl Robert Gibson might be driving these days –as he showed up for his Probable Cause hearing for impersonating now State Representative Yvonne Dean-Bailey.

Lo and Behold it appears Carl might just be on foot!

The Ct. registered car he has been driving around NH for the past several years, plate # 969-ZTG, was nowhere to be seen, nor was it at his favorite hideout at Merrimack, Summit, and Center Sts. in Concord.

This might be the reason:

Good morning Mr. Naile,

I received your complaint regarding Carl Robert Gibson and various voter registration numbers. I regret to inform you that the individual in question is not a CT resident. Given the sensitive personal information I cannot give you more information regarding the person’s records. I would however recommend the local PD run the plate if he should be seen driving around your town with CT plates. Mr. Gibson does not own property in this state and has not paid for his vehicle taxes in the town or Old Lyme (public information).

I hope this information was helpful,


Inspector Evelyn C. Stender #66

State of Connecticut

Department of Motor Vehicles

Law Enforcement Division

60 State St. Wethersfield, CT 06161

phone (860)263-5453

fax. (860)263-5541


Welcome to New Hampshire, revolutionary and left wing activist Carl Robert Gibson. Now pick a state to register your car and we can get on with tracking you down that way.

Remember, you registered to vote in New Hampshire AND Connecticut in 2012 and voted in NH in 2012 and 2014 (by absentee) while voting in Wisconsin in 2013 where you use the address of 244 Lakeland Place in Madison.

I had you pulled from the Hardin County, Kentucky voter checklist a few weeks ago so don’t try and vote there.

If you register your car in NH, count on Wisconsin having a solid voter fraud case against you there since you can not use the, “I just moved from Ct.” story any longer. I am in touch with people in that state so hopefully you will get a call from them.

And if you are convicted of impersonating a candidate, RSA 666.6, here in NH, a felony, you must vote from the place of last domicile while you are in prison here, just a friendly word of advice. So pick one.

Your friend


Ed Naile is the Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on the Girard at Large Radio Show.  We have published his Letter to the Editor as submitted.  ~Publis