Arsenalut:  “dismissed from clerical state”

The Diocese of Manchester has announced that Monsignor Rev. Edward J. Arsenault is a monsignor no more.  In fact, he’s no longer a priest.  On February 2 8th,  Pope Francis decreed Arsenault “dismissed from the clerical state” and dispensed him from all obligations subsequent to sacred ordination, including that of celibacy.  By virtue of this decree, Arsenault has no faculties to act, function, or present himself as a priest.  Arsenault had been the diocese point man during the sex abuse scandal that plagued the church in the early two thousands.  Turns out, he had his own sex scandal going, having embezzled about three hundred thousand dollars from Catholic Medical Center, the diocese and the estate of a deceased priest to lavish gifts on a gay lover.

Libasci: A sanctuary, but not that kind of sanctuary.

The diocese made news in another area, too:  Immigration.  After the pastor of of St. Anne and St. Augustin declared the parish a quote “sanctuary parish,” Bishop Peter Libasci said, ah, no you’re not.  In a letter sent to every parish in the diocese, Libasci said that while parishes should offer aid and comfort to all who seek it, they are not to harbor illegal immigrants from civil authorities.  Doing so, said Libasci, could subject church officials to criminal prosecution and fines.  Libasci said the diocese stands in full support of comprehensive immigration reform that would provide those here illegally with a path to citizenship, but defying government enforcement of the law was out of the question.

Phone scam: Not the Cosmetology Board

The offices of the N H Attorney General and Professional Licensure and Certification have issued a scam alert aimed at manicuring or nail salons.  They’re the target of a phone scam in which the caller says they’re calling from the Cosmetology Board and asks for credit card information in order to perform a mandated inspection.  The Cosmetology Board neither charges a fee nor requires credit card information to perform an inspection.  Any salon owner receiving one of these calls is encouraged to call the Cosmetology Board before providing any payment information.  The joint release went on to basically say if anybody calls and asks for any personal or financial information, hang up, call that organization directly and NEVER provide that info over the phone until and unless you verify those asking for it are legit.  Don’t trust your caller I D, either.  It’s easily manipulated.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Migalli (r) to be honored, with Eva Castillo.

The Manchester Police Department will dedicate its Community Room to the late Nabil Migalli today at Noon.  In a statement issued by the department, Police Chief Nick Willard said Migalli dedicated his life to the betterment of society and that he felt it was important to name the room, in which Migalli led several community discussions, after him.  Migalli had been involved with a number of community outreach efforts, connecting the department to refugee and immigrant populations and the city’s youth.  The public is welcome to attend the ceremony, which will include Migalli’s family and friends.  Click here for our interview with Migalli, where he explains his life’s work.

Senior walk series announced

The Manchester Police Department also announced its Community Policing Division will conduct walking tours with senior citizens.  The 2 0 1 7 Spring Senior Walks will allow seniors to exercise, socialize and experience Manchester with Manchester police officers.  Walks are held Monday mornings at 9am unless otherwise noted in the schedule, which we’ve published at Girard at Large dot com.  The walks are approx. two to three miles and take about one hour to complete.  They start today at nine with a stroll along the River Walk. 

Planning Board to review proposed subdivision regs

The Planning Board in the town of Amherst has scheduled a meeting for April nineteenth to begin a review of proposed subdivision regulations.  The meeting starts at seven thirty and will be held in the Barbara Landry Meeting Room on the Second Floor of Town Hall.  Just thought we’d let you know.

Board of Selectmen to consider unexpected revenues, tax exemptions

The Amherst Board of Selectmen will meet tonight.  Looks like a heavy agenda, with public hearings soliciting input on what to do with unanticipated revenues involving drug forfeiture funds and Granite Hammer grants.  Under state law, for those who choose to follow it, communities are required to hold public hearings before unanticipated revenues may be spent.  Also on the agenda are approvals for a variety of property tax credits, exemptions and deferrals.  So, if you live in Amherst, you might want to check things out at Town Hall tonight.  The meeting starts at six thirty and we’ve linked to the agenda for your convenience.

Vargas: Extends school year

Manchester School Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas has announced that the school year will be extended by one day due to winter weather related closings and delays.  School will now end on June fourteenth in the Queen City, though graduations will be unaffected by the extension.

Click the pic to read the letter.

In S A U 19, Superintendent Brian Balke sent home a letter  saying that the Goffstown and New Boston school boards voted to extend the school day by thirty minutes.  Starting May 2nd, fifteen minutes will be added to the beginning and end of each day to make up for the time lost due to the winter weather.  The last day of school will now be June twentieth in both towns.  Our thanks to the loyal listener who forwarded the letter Balke sent to parents.

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