Jack Kimball: Determined to free DeLemus

(Hours 2a,b,c) Rich spoke to Jack Kimball, who came on the radio to raise awareness of the plight of Jerry DeLemus and to bring support to President Donald Trump.  He started by talking about his background with politics and informed the listeners about who Jerry is.  Finally, he shared about some of the connections that Jerry’s opposition hold.


(Hour 2b) Jack continued in his commentary regarding the standoff between the Bundy supporters and their opposition.  He talked about the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) aggressive tactics towards the supporters, issues with the Federal Government’s land ownership and more.


(Hour 2c) Jack concluded the interview by sharing about the scheduled meetings between Jerry and the Federal Government upon returning from Nevada.  They discussed his arrest, hope for the situation, an upcoming rally and more.  Tune in to get all of the details!