(Hours 2a,b,c) Rich and State Representative Victoria Sullivan discussed the funding of full day kindergarten and the appropriation of the funding.  They spoke about what occurred in the House Finance Committee, before sharing about feedback from public officials in the State House.  Tune in to get all of the details.


(Hour 2b) As Rich continued with State Rep. Victoria Sullivan for the Under the Golden Dome segment he inquired about how the University of New Hampshire is utilizing the tax dollars that they are being afforded.  They then discussed racial allegations and the ethical investigations of Representatives Robert Fisher and Sherry Frost.

(Hour 2c) Rich and State Rep. Sullivan talked about the Senate Finance’s votes on the budget and informed the listeners about the Croydon Bill.  They also spoke about a bill that requires one to have a license to braid someone’s hair, House Bill 84, the gambling bill, the fate of House Bill 575 and Senate Bill 3.