(Hours 2a,b,3a,b) After conveying listener feedback concerning the opt out movement’s impact on the Manchester School District, Rich commented on the discussion at last night’s Manchester School Board meeting regarding the low enrollment and laying off of teachers at the Manchester School of Technology.  He commented on the confusion regarding enrollment numbers, the behavior of the departing staff and actions that lead to the initial problem. 


(Hour 2b) “Are you under-taxed to pay for education?” Rich asked, in reference to statements made by Jim O’Connell, President of Citizens for Manchester Schools.  He shared about confusion that resulted from the opening of the Manchester School of Technology’s four year program and took a call from Dave in Manchester, who shared his perspective as a parent with children in the school. 

(Hour 3a) Rich commented on the presence of union members at last night’s meeting.  He pointed out the moment when the classroom teachers put themselves at risk and shared his grievances with the recent wave of standardized testing.  Finally, he discussed 21st century skills and presented.  



(Hour 3b) As Rich closed out the topic he discussed his belief about the role of education in the classroom.  He spoke about critical thinking skills and informed the listeners about how he was able to acquire the skills that allow him to communicate well.  He then pointed out that teacher pay is comparable regardless of workload and told the listeners what he believes should be taught in the classroom.  Tune in to get all of the details!