(Hour 1a) Rich started today’s show by going over what happened over the weekend. He then continued on to talk about the continued controversy at the Candia School Board and went over the latest developments in the town.

Afterwards, Rich started to talk about the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid in New Boston. He went over the facebook post that the owner of the restaurant posted and later deleted, as well as the comments on the post.

He finished off the segment by turning to issues in Manchester. He mentioned the issue of panhandling, new developments to combat it, and reaction to those measures.

He then talked about the heat wave that we have been having and recounted a story of a woman 15 years ago that would always complain about the harsh winters and the blistering heat thereafter. At the end, he talked about the lovely flowers that have come out since the heat has shown up, and talked about the different flowers and vegetable seeds you can get at Jacque’s Flowers.