Scalise: Still critical

Still in critical condition.  That’s the latest on Steve Scalise, the Republican Congressman from Louisiana who was one of four people shot by would be assassin James Hodgkinson yesterday morning as he, and several of his Republican colleagues from the House and Senate practiced for today’s annual baseball game against Congressional Democrats.  

Just moments before the shooting, Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter whose social media posts were virulently anti-Republican, and especially anti-President Donald Trump, asked Congressmen Ron DeSantis, Republican from Florida and Jeff Duncan, Republican from South Carolina whether or not the congressmen playing were Republicans or Democrats.  

Hodgkinson:  Assassin

Once he got the answer, he headed toward the field where the G O P congressmen and staffers and their families were practicing.  Within minutes, he had opened fire from a dugout with a high powered rifle.  Among those shot were the two Capitol Police officers assigned to Scalise’s security detail.  Special Agent David Bailey was shot in the ankle.   Special Agent Crystal Griner was grazed by a bullet, receiving a minor flesh wound.  Despite their injuries, the two exchanged gunfire with Hodgkinson across the field, ultimately shooting him.  He later died from his wounds.  Several lawmakers involved in the shooting said, but for them, it would have been a massacre.

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One of the city’s main challenges, I think, is one of unmet potential.  We have so much going for us.  And yet we haven’t been able to truly capitalize on that potential. 

Stewart:  Wants to bring focus

That’s what Ward Two resident Will Stewart said in announcing his candidacy for alderman in that ward.  Stewart said he was prompted to run because of the talk he hears from “more and more families” who are considering moving out of the city because of concerns with schools, crime and what he called, quote”

an overall lack of focus on things that make a city a place people want to live.

Stewart is currently the President of the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, a former Vice President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Captain of the Oak Park Neighborhood Watch, Chair of Bike Manchester, a member of the Manchester Transit Authority Board of Commissioners and a member of the Friends of Wagner Memorial Park, also known as Pretty Park.  He is author of the recently published book, An Insider’s Guide to Manchester, is a former reporter for The Hippo and a former community services specialist for NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire

Ludwig: Will he run again?

He said he decided to run because his passion for the city, professional development experience and volunteer activities would provide “a unique perspective on the Board of Aldermen.”

Incumbent Ward Two Alderman Ron Ludwig has yet to make his intentions for reelection known.

Royer: Lacking truth

Liar!  Liar!  Pants of Fire!”  That’s what people in Candia are saying after comments made by school board member Kim Royer at last week’s school board meeting.  While arguing over whether or not the policy on transgendered and gender non-conforming students should be repealed, Royer presented what she said was an accounting of all those who’d spoken or emailed in favor or against the policy since it first came to the board last year.  Royer supported the policy.  According to her tally, more were in favor, than against, of course.  

Woodrow: What about the others?

When questioned by Board Chair Matthew Woodrow whether or not she counted the one hundred seventy nine people who signed a Citizens Petition Warrant Article to repeal the policy or the estimated three hundred who signed a petition opposed to it, she said she’d not been presented with those items and didn’t count them.  

Buckley: Gave Royer the info

That brought a response from newly elected school board member Dana Buckley saying he personally handed her, and each member of theboard, a copy of the warrant article, which he sponsored, during their meeting in December.  Girard at Large has also obtained an email sent by Candia resident Tram Fultz to the entire Candia School Board on June second of last year, containing the petition opposed to the policy.  So, it would appear as if Royer, in a desperate attempt to spin the issue into one that had majority support, when it didn’t , lied about whether or not she had the information.

Town Hall closed

With the exception of the Town Clerk’s Office, all town offices in the Amherst Town Hall will close at Noon tomorrow.  We have no idea why.  Their notice, like their Board of Selectmen agendas, provided no details.  

That’s NEWS from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next!