Bill Cashin

(Hours 1a,2a,2b) Rich talked about this morning’s show, pointing out that Lisa Gravel will be coming on to speak about a letter of complaint that she is attempting to get signatures for.  He shared about a water-main break, before discussing the defamation suit that Mayor Ted Gatsas filed, due to claims that he covered up the rape case at Manchester West High School.  Tune in to get the details!

(Hour 2a) Rich started the segment by informing the listeners about an update with Mike Gill.  He then continued into the topic of Mayor Gatsas’ cover-up accusations, reading Bill Cashin’s letter of complain.

Click here to view the letter.

(Hour 2b) Rich read from the lawsuit that was filed in response to the defamatory claims against Mayor Gatsas.  He pointed out Jon Hopwood’s involvement in the issue, spoke about Mayoral hopeful Joyce Craig’s responsibility, a cover-up from the school administration and more!