Manchester resident Lisa Gravel has started a movement of sorts by filing a complaint against Ward 2 Alderman Ron Ludwig and Ward 11 Alderman Normand Gamache for violating the city’s charter.  It started at the board’s meeting of 18 July 2017, where she raised a variety of issues, not the least of which were the charter violations committed by Ludwig and Gamache.  (Forward to 35:53 in the linked video to witness her testimony.  Click here to read it.)  and it continued with an appearance here on the Girard at Large Radio Show where she discussed her complaint at length.


In wake of the response, Gravel provided the complaint, now signed by 127 residents, to Girard at Large so that those who wanted to sign it but couldn’t may download it and mail it themselves.  Gravel believes the more people who do so, the better the odds the aldermen will do what they haven’t done up to this point:  The right thing.  She asked us to encourage our Large and Loyal Listening Audience to make themselves known to City Hall in hopes of keeping the pressure on them to honor the charter.