Earl Metzler

(Hours 2a,b,3a) Rich tackled an issue that recently occurred within SAU 55, which includes the Timberland Regional School District and the Hampstead School District.  He spoke about Donna Green’s grievance with the hiring of Thomas Geary to the Business Operations Coordinator position within the SAU and took a call from Eddy in Manchester, who inquired about Rich’s position regarding oversight.  Tune in to get all of the details!

(Hour 2b) Rich continued in his discussion regarding Donna Green’s complaint.  He pointed out that the SAU is in violation of the law and talked about the Superintendent’s attempt to squash a hearing that they’re required to hold by law and state rule.

Click here and here to view more information from Donna’s site.

(Hour 3a) Rich took a call from Donna Green, who brought more information to light.  They talked about Right to Know requests for Geary’s resume and the money that Superintendent Earl Metzler has spent on raises.  Finally, they tackled an enforcement to the law, Superintendent Metzler’s history with unlawful hiring and the School District Governance Association’s upcoming event.