(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  Their discussion tackled the following topics:

  •  Running for Reelection: Door to door efforts
  • Concerns regarding primary showing
  • Concerns from constituents 
  • NH’s lawsuit towards the maker of Oxycodone
  • President Trump’s statement about the opioid crisis in NH

(Hour 3b) Rich and Mayor Gatsas continued with: 

  • Construction on Elm Street
  • City coordination with utility companies
  • Process of Lisa Gravel and Jim Gaudet’s Charter breach complaints
  • Closing of Sam’s Club
  • Contracts on the Agenda
  • Manchester Airport’s struggles
  • Suspicious Union contract vote timeline
  • Real Estate in the Queen City

(Hour 3c) Rich and the Mayor closed out the show with:

  • Chamber renovations
  • Recommendations on redistricting
  • Funding for City Year
  • Whether or not there’s too much testing
  • Special Education
  • Maintenance of city properties