(Hours 1b,c,2a) Rich talked to David Mara, who is Governor Sununu’s Advisor on Addiction and Behavioral Health.  They began by speaking about David’s role, before discussing the opioid epidemic and the State’s response to it.  They then took a call from Patrick Long, who wanted to get involved in the conversation.  Tune in to get all of the details!


(Hour 1c) Rich continued with Mara for Public Safety This Week.  They resumed their coverage concerning what New Hampshire is doing and what Mara’s role is.  They addressed narcan-dependent users, safety concerns for public officials, the letter of the law and more.

Public Safety brought to us by Mayor Ted Gatsas.  Learn about his 12 point plan to move Manchester into the future by clicking here.

(Hour 2a) Rich inquired about whether or not the use of illegal drugs should be illegal.  They wondered about the responsibility of the drug user and potential consequences.  They then addressed Safe Stations-type scenarios, educating parents and more.