(Hours 1a,2a,c) Rich opened this morning’s show by talking about the news read, in which he reported that this will be the final week of the Girard at Large radio show.  He shared about some of the struggles that he has been experiencing recently.  Tune in to get all of the details.

(Hour 1b) Rich continued to discuss the closing of the show.  He talked about impacts that the show had, addressed listener inquiries concerning a potential run for the office of Mayor, the show’s effect on other areas in his life and more.  He then took a call from former Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars, who thanked Rich for his impact in the town of Hooksett.  Finally, he spoke to to his daughter Collette, who shared her thoughts after hearing the news.

(Hour 2c) Rich told the listeners about why he decided to start the radio station in the first place.  He then took a call from Mom-at-Large Patrice Benard, who made her feelings about the news known.