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Mobile Changes for Facebook

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro of Authentia joined us for Web Savvy to tell us about more issue that are coming to Facebook.  He shared about some changes that are geared toward Facebook Pages.  He told us about the shift towards mobile...

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Advertising with Social Media

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, of Career Gravity, joined us for Web Savvy to discuss the “Facebook Juggernaut.”  He shared that Facebook has surpassed Google as the top referrer of traffic to digital publishers.  ...

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Social media and your credit

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, of Authentia, shared with us about current events in social media, specifically on Facebook, during Web Savvy.  Tune in to hear about how your Facebook friends might alter your credit worthiness in the...

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Words not to use on your resume

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, of Authentia, joined us on the show this morning for a segment of Web Savvy.  Jon came on the show to share with us a number of words to NOT use on your resume or your LinkedIn.  He shared a number of...

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Social media gaffes

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, of Authentia, joined us this morning for his weekly segment Web Savvy.  He joined us with a list of famous social media gaffes.  He talked gave us examples with American Apparel, Delta Airlines,...

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