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The El Nino East Coast Fry

(Hour 3a) We were joined by Meteorologist Al Kaprielian who started by talking to us about a lack of Christmas decorations in the Queen City.  He then gave us an update on this weekend’s weather.  He also told us about the...

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Thanksgiving Plans

(Hour 1a) Rich started off by sharing today’s schedule before talking to us about yesterday’s New Horizons for NH’s Annual Thanksgiving Breakfast. He also talked about his meeting with Superintendent Debra...

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Indian Summers with Al Kaprielian

(Hour 3a) To start the hour John called in to give Rich his opinion of what he should change now that he is on the School Board.  We were then joined by Meteorologist Al Kaprielian who answered Captain Chris’s question...

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A Preview For In It Together

(Hour 3a) Lori and Chris gave us a run down on what to expect from the upcoming show “In It Together” and what we should all be expecting.  Also the talk of conflict and resolution between people came.  It is always...

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