Tag: Danville NH

Local Election Results

(Hour 1b) Rich and Ed Naile talked about yesterday’s local elections.  They started by sharing about how Hampton did and told us about the Timberlane Regional School District.  We heard about the mixed results for...

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Right to Know about Timberlane

(Hour 1b) This morning Rich talked to us about the Timberlane Regional School District.  It is unfortunate when a bureaucracy defends it’s own skin rather than do the bidding of the people who they represent.  This seems...

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New show news; Ald. Long call in

(Hour 1a) As the show started, Rich announced some replacements that would be taking place on the show calendar over the course of the summer. Alderman Patrick Long called in to chime in on what’s going on with Manchester...

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Lawlessness in Timberlane

(Hour 3a) Is the Timberlane Regional School Board acting lawlessly?  Our Humble Host sure thinks so.  Why won’t Timberlane release to Danville the number of students in their town and where they live?  The amount of...

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