Bedford PD:  Announces 24/7 Rx drug drop off

Bedford PD: Announces 24/7 Rx drug drop off

The Bedford Police Department’s new Drug Collection Unit site will open to the residents of Bedford 24/7 in the lobby of its Safety Complex on Constitution Drive today at 10:00 am.  Unwanted prescription medications only from town residents will be accepted.  No medications from clinics or businesses will be accepted, nor will needles, “Sharps” containers, IV bags, thermometers, inhalers, liquids, or lotions.  (Emphasis in the original.) They thanked CVS/Pharmacy and the Partnership for Drug Free Kids, which made the grant for the unit possible.  If you would like to read more about the unit, visit the department’s web-site at bedford n h dot org.

Pancake breakfast announced

Pancake breakfast announced

The Rotary Club of Merrimack will serve its annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, July 4th.  Fluffy pancakes, sausages, juice and hot coffee will be served from 8:00 until 11:00 in the Merrimack High School cafeteria . The tickets are five dollars for adults, four bucks for seniors and Kids ages three to twelve.  Children under three are free.  For more information about July 4th Family Fun Day, the pancake breakfast and/or to volunteer and become a sponsor, visit merrimack 4th dot com.

Carson:  RTK bill needs work

Carson: RTK bill needs work

Right to Know activists in the state won a victory of sorts in the State Senate late last week as House Bill 2 8 5 was re-referred by senators to their Judiciary Committee.  The bill would have allowed public bodies to go into non-public session to discuss written legal correspondence.  Currently, public bodies may only enter non-public session to discuss legal matters when an attorney is present.  Opponents of the bill said if passed, the bill would enable non-public sessions for just about anything officials received anything from a lawyer on, vastly expanding what could be discussed outside the public’s view.   In recommending re-referral, Senate Judiciary Chair Sharon Carson, Republican from Londonderry said the bill raised a number of questions in committee which need to be reviewed within the larger context of R S A 91-A.

Hassan signs bill

Hassan signs bill

In a related item, House Bill 1 0 8, requiring that votes to seal minutes taken in non-pubic session be cast in public was signed by Her Highness The Governess Margaret Wood Hassan.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

O'Neil:  Lowers the boom on Metzler

O’Neil: Lowers the boom on Metzler

The town of Danville has thrown a big gauntlet at the Timberlane Regional School District.  In a letter sent last Thursday to Superintendent Earl Metzler, Danville Board of Selectmen Chairman Shawn O’Neil cited the failure of both warrant articles placed on the ballot to fund the continued operation of Sandown’s Central  School and quoted Metzler who said he quote “recently found out from the School District Attorney, if both articles regarding the operating cost for Sandown Central fail to pass, then the School Board is not legally allowed to spend any funds to keep Sandown Central open in 2015-2016″ end quote from the minutes of the January fifteenth public hearing on his proposed budget to say this, quote”

“Unless the TRSD can provide legal documentation to the contrary, the Town of Danville considers the Sandown Central School to be closed per the failed warrant articles.  Use of funds, other than for operational maintenance of the building is misappropriation of funds.  As such, the Town of Danville will pay only for the operational upkeep of the Sandown Central building.

“Further, due to the Sandown Feasibility Withdrawal Study currently underway, the Town of Danville will not pay for any future capital improvements for the Sandown Schools unless an agreement is reached between the TRSD and the Town of Sandown in regards to repayment of capital expenditures should the Town of Sandown leave the TRSD.”

Them’s fighting words, folks.

Metzler:  You talkin to me?

Metzler: You talkin to me?

Two days later, Metzler sent an email announcing the State Department of Education had approved their plan to consolidate the district’s pre-K program and some special ed classes at Sandown Central, as well as move kindergarten classes from Sandown North to Central.  He struck a defiant tone apparently in response to O’Neil  in his email saying in part quote

“The District owns the building and it may use the building for another purpose.  Also, Sandown is a member of the District until they are not.  I have no intention of treating them any other way…The Board has the authority to maintain and improve the buildings in Sandown using any and all funds that were approved by the voters in March.  To loosely throw around words like misappropriation is irresponsible and disrespectful to all four towns in our District.  It is my hope that we can begin the process of bonding divided stakeholders.  It is the ONLY way that a cooperative District can thrive and provide the very best to all of our stakeholders. Dream big!”

Unimpressed, and apparently not dreaming big enough, O’Neil replied yesterday saying quote:

Board of Selectmen strikes at Timberlane

Board of Selectmen strikes at Timberlane

Could you please provide a copy of the sate Department of Education’s approval of your plan and the plan details? We are not loosely throwing around words as you have indicated. I guess your previous comments of ‘healthy debate’ apparently are just fodder for the masses. The district lawyer was pretty clear that evening of what the status would be if these two warrant article had failed. Please remember he was ‘your’ lawyer and not ‘our’ lawyer. We are following up with the legal assessment of the issue based upon the district lawyer’s legal opinion. I look forward to receiving a copy of the information that supports your legal viewpoint.”

How much you want to bet Metzler makes them file a Right to Know Request?

Timberlane:  "T" is for tons of trouble

Timberlane: “T” is for tons of trouble

Anyway, we’ll keep you abreast of the situation.  And, in case you didn’t pick up what Danville’s just thrown down, they’re now formally challenging the legality of Timberlane keeping a school open after they de-funded its operations in the budget, then voted to close it, saw two warrant articles to re-fund it defeated by voters, which their attorney said would bar them from keeping it open and are threatening to withhold funds as a result.  Gotta love it when the plebes fight the power!

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!