Tag: Denise Robert

School Death List

(Hour 2a) Rich discussed a school issue that was brought to light when a parent sent a message to him.  There was a student who threatened seventeen other students with specific forms of death.  Tune in to hear more about it....

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Police Pay and Charter Chat

(Hour 2a) Rich started this segment off by discussing finances.  He shared about the high rate of pay from a number of public officials and commented on the Manchester Police Department’s policies on extra detail and...

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Local Crime and Moral Issues

(Hour 1a) Rich started the show by talking about last night’s debate held by the Manchester Education Association.  Eric from Manchester called in to discuss recent crime issues in the city.  Rich discussed morality in the...

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MEA Forum Discussion

(Hour 1b) Mom-at-Large Patrice Bernard joined us on the show to discuss last night’s MEA Mayoral Forum.  She and Rich went through each candidate who attended and discussed their stances.  Tune in to hear about the issues...

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