Tag: Dr. April Kosinski

Odd happenings in Timberlane

(Hour 1a&b) Rich started this morning’s show by giving us a preview of the rest of the show.  He moved on to Timberlane and told us about what is happening there.  We are about to blow some major whistles, so...

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You Bet People Listen To Local Radio!

(Hour 2a)  Rich correctly identifies the power and utility of local radio.  Our humble host, in this archive offers examples to our listeners of the ongoing need local content offers. From reporting on charitable events in our...

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The 1st year is the worst year

(Hour 3a) The loss of a child is arguably one of the most emotionally wrenching experiences any parent can endure.  In this archive, April Kosinski, who lost her infant son to unknown causes, invites our listeners to participate...

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